One Month Until Marriage!!!

I can’t believe our wedding is in 30 days!!!! I mean… where did the engagement go?? When we decided September would be the month, it seemed just SO far away. I thought it would never come! I had a LOT of weddings to photograph between when we got engaged and our wedding date, and in my mind that made it feel farther. But now I’m about to photograph the last wedding before our own wedding!

Through our engagement, I’ve learned so many amazing things. We’ve learned more about problem solving. And we’ve learned if we don’t take the time to figure things out, it isn’t healthy. We’ve learned how amazing it is to be on a team. And while teamwork is something you work on from the beginning, I’ve never felt like we’ve been a stronger team than now. We’ve studied together what love looks like- not just a feeling- but also a choice to be patient and kind, not envious, boastful, or proud. We both have learned our future marriage will only be as strong as our relationship is with the Lord, and that He always comes first and is the only source of true joy.

I’ve worked harder than ever on actually learning some recipes because I want to be able to cook for him without killing him. I moved out of my parents’ house and learned how to better grocery shop since Chick-fil-A every other day isn’t always a great idea. We’ve learned a lot about finances (I highly recommend Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey! We both read it and are so grateful for these principles). And we’ve both learned a LOT about communication for big things and small things.

Being engaged put things in a new perspective for me. There were days I melted down because of the pressure I felt between wedding planning, keeping up with work, and preparing to be a wife- and realizing I could never be the perfect wife Edward deserved. He was always there to talk, tell me it’s ok, and that we get to figure out this whole married thing together! And now I can’t believe summer busy season is already past, our wedding planning is just about complete, and we’re less than 30 days away! One of the biggest pieces of advice I got was to enjoy time spent with Edward, and not to let the planning take over or become a point of stress. I wish I could say I never got stressed about planning, but going into wedding planning with the focus of our marriage before what our wedding day will look like was SO helpful and put things in perspective!

Our engagement has held so many fun memories- but for me the smaller moments are often most special! From having long talks on car rides, to laughing because I completely burnt the new recipe I was trying to make, to day trips, words of encouragement, to watching our favorite Netflix show while eating ice cream, to walking around Costco hand in hand. We still try to get out and do other things, but somehow the little moments are just as wonderful- and the ones I look forward to having more of!

Edward also started helping me more in so many areas- including my business! He doesn’t shoot every wedding with me, but does some and also has been a huge help with the business side of things! I used to not talk a ton about this side of things since let’s face it- talking about photography constantly isn’t fun for some people (crazy right??;)). But one day we sat and talked about how I could grow my business for over an hour. I told him I’m so glad I came to him and he said, “Finally!!” Both of us graduating with a business degree has its perks!

Edward puts my hopes, dreams, and wishes above, not anywhere below. He doesn’t make me feel any less important, but instead uplifts me and puts me first.- whether with personal life, or my business. When I released an online course and 2 people signed up after the opening webinar, I was a little discouraged. But to celebrate this accomplishment he took me out to my favorite restaurant to make sure I felt as special as if 100 people signed up. When I have downfalls and struggles in my personal life, he encourages me, speaks truth to me, and shows me Christ’s love.

I’m not sharing this because I want to come across as an amazing couple with 0 issues because that’s SO far from true. But girls, never settle. Find someone you know you can love and respect. In a society focused on pleasing ourselves and pushing our own agendas, remember relationships take time, work, selflessness, and are hard at times. So find someone you want to take that journey with. Because it’s such an amazing one!

We’re close to our wedding, and as I’m trying to enjoy each moment beforehand I can’t but help wishing it was tomorrow! This engagement season has been my favorite season of life. And I can’t wait to be by Edward’s side even more, and to love him for our lives as his wife!

Thank you to everyone who has been following along- some of y’all even before Edward and I were dating! Thank you for those who have prayed for us, given advice along the way, and who are excited for us!

I can’t wait to marry this man so soon!!

Photos by our amazing photographers & friends Kristy & Vic!





One Month Until Marriage!!!



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