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One EASY Way to Photograph GENUINE Laughter in Couples

Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself smiling and thought: “That was definitely forced!”? I’ve been there! It’s easy to tell in photos if our emotion was genuine or fake! That’s why I always try to encourage natural emotion from my clients so they can actually FEEL the joy from their photos!

Instead of simply saying “laugh” when explaining a pose, there’s one thing that works EVERY time when encouraging laughter! Seriously- you can’t go wrong with this!!!

Have your clients encourage it in each other! When photographing a couple, the bride is WAY more likely to laugh at her groom than just on my command! So how do I do this?


When I’m photographing a bride and am setting up a shot for her to be looking at the camera laughing while the groom leans in close, I ask him to whisper things in her ear! I might ask him to whisper a few different reasons he loves her, whisper sweet things, or just whatever he wants!

No matter what he says (trust me, he’ll say a LOT of different things! Some grooms even just repeat “whisper” over and over) she’ll start laughing! I keep encouraging it and praising them telling them what an AMAZING job they’re doing to keep everything light hearted and joyful!

But without fail, this is the easiest way I’ve found to generate genuine laughter from my couples!

I have a guide in the shop sharing even more ways to generate laughter at every session & wedding! This is just one out of five ways I encourage and capture genuine laughter! View the guide on capturing authentic, genuine laughter HERE!


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