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View More: using Nikon for 4 years, I’ve switched from Nikon to Canon! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this, and so I wanted to answer them in the best way I can!

Before I talk too much about why I’m switching, I want to say why I’m not switching. I’m not switching because anything is wrong with Nikon. There’s a reason so many incredible photographers choose Nikon! Someone messaged me saying, “I have been running Canon for 2 years now, and it has never let me down!” That was so sweet of them, and my response was to thank them for the kind words, but also to quickly add that Nikon hasn’t let me down either! It’s been incredibly durable, and it’s been 4 years! To be honest, I do think Nikon trumps Canon in certain areas!

But there are reasons I did switch! Let’s face it, if I was 100% happy with Nikon, I wouldn’t have made the big switch. I actually had a much longer post typed out explaining it carefully so I wouldn’t step on anyone’s toes! But I deleted that and will get the point quicker! So let me start off stressing two things.

First, this is my personal opinion! Meaning not everyone will agree, and this is just what my opinion is after using Nikon 4 years! Second, I think it’s important to do whatever works easiest for YOU! There’s no right and wrong camera system, or everyone would be using the same one! So this post is about what I found works best for me personally and my own style, and what saves me the most time and energy!

So here’s the main reason I switched: I like the way Canon shoots better than how Nikon shoots. It’s completely personal preference. Yes, there are also smaller other reasons I had been thinking of Canon like the difference in flash systems or their customer service, but those weren’t a make or break it for me! There’s a slight difference in the way the two cameras shoot (meaning on the exact same settings the image will still look slightly different), and for me, it’s easier to attain the style I want with Canon! The main difference I noticed in comparing how the two shoot was that my Nikon bodies had shot with a higher contrast and warmer than Canon, and that Canon preserved the highlights more when shooting as light as I prefer. Basically, Canon required less editing for the look I wanted.

This is something I’ve been seriously considering for at least a year. I recently had my Nikon 50mm 1.4 break (a staple lens for me) that was no longer under warranty, and figured before I replace it I need to figure out what system I wanted to go with since buying another Nikon lens would just make the switch harder in the future. I had exposure to Canon in the past (I was a photography minor in college, and had also shot with a friend’s Canon before), but I still went ahead and rented some equipment for a few days to be sure I was ready to take the plunge. I shot a few sessions with it, and when I pulled it up to edit, my time in editing was significantly cut down and I was able to attain the look I wanted a lot more easily! Basically, my photos look very similar when I’m finished editing no matter which camera body I use, but it’s a lot quicker and simpler edit for my personal style when using Canon. So for me, it saved so much time and effort, and I was happier with the result, so I decided it was worth it for me personally and my own style!

So why didn’t I switch sooner? I’d been seriously considering switching for about a year, and the main reason was the fear of cost. Before I began selling, I actually made a spreadsheet with what I’d sell and for how much, compared to the cost of buying new equipment. For me, the price difference to switch didn’t end up being as significant as I initially thought, and was worth it to me!

I was also a little wary because I always felt a little bond with the Nikon community! I know it sounds silly, but it’s so true!! I’ve made some of my Nikon friends promise they’ll still be my friends even after the switch!! 😉 But I realized I’d rather be completely happy with the result of my images than be worried what others would think of the process I was taking, or if they’d agree with the reasons I was switching! I was never gung-ho about one brand or the other, I just figured whatever works best for each photographer is what matters!

I hope this answers a lot of questions and is encouraging no matter what brand you use! It’s so important to find what works best for YOU and will give you the fastest workflow! I’m so excited to learn more about Canon in the months ahead, and hopefully be a better help answering questions on either system during mentoring! As always, please let me know if you have any questions!View More:

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Nikon to Canon | Why I Switched | Christa Rene Photography



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