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Natalie & Thomas | Los Gatos, California Wedding

Villa Montalvo Wedding by Christa Rene Photography

I still remember the evening Natalie texted me asking me if we’d be up for traveling to California for her wedding day!! I was THRILLED. And wanted to do everything I could to make this day as special for her as possible!

Truth be told, Natalie & Thomas have had it far from easy during wedding planning. Their initial date last Spring had to be shifted due to Covid, and as their next date got closer, there were still concerns. As Natalie and Thomas went through options, the idea came about to go back to Natalie’s home and have her wedding there with her closest family!

I am SO glad they went this route and it ended up being absolutely perfect. We went to Villa Montalvo for wedding portraits, and even their pup Oliver came along! Then we headed to the home Natalie grew up in and that her mom lives in where they had the most beautiful outdoor ceremony!! They danced the evening away, and barely left the dance floor! It was an evening full of pure joy and celebration!

Natalie and Thomas have such a special place in my heart. I connected with them instantly, and even further after their downtown Greenville engagement session. They’ve become dear friends of mine, and I couldn’t be MORE happy for them!! Not to mention how deeply honored I was so get to go to California to document these memories. Both of their families truly made us feel SO loved, and it was honestly sad leaving this perfect day!! Natalie even hand painted ornaments for everyone, included me. Goodness, this girl is SO thoughtful!!!

So you better believe I have a LOT of favorites to share from Mr. & Mrs. Padgett’s wedding day in Los Gatos, California!!


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