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I was 18, dying to find someone to take pictures of, doing the craziest things to edit that didn’t work, and had so many (oh SO many) questions. I needed help! Someone to sit down with me and tell me where to find the best places to take pictures was. Someone to guide me to find the best lighting. Someone who’d really want to invest in me and my business to help me. Someone to tell me the best ways to market my business. That help came a multitude of ways for me!
I had mentors that were invaluable. I looked up to them and asked occasional questions (or casually bombard them with so many questions!), but I also learned many things the long, hard way. I made many mistakes that could have been easily avoided that set me back. But I stuck with it! I read countless blogs on photography, annoyed so many with questions I had, carefully studied images I loved to try and figure out how it was edited, took note of how people were finding my business and struggled with how to book more, and the list goes on and on!
Fast forward 4 years later, and after a business degree and over 40 weddings photographed, I want to help you. I want to be there to guide you in shooting and editing consistently, and how to best market your business. I want to cheer you on and answer all those annoying questions that keep slowing you down while sharing advice and help!
So that’s why I’m now offering mentoring sessions! Whether it’s the first time you’re really digging to know your DSLR camera, or you’ve been in business a few years and feel in a rut, I want to help you in whatever way I can!

Mentoring sessions are 3 hours and include:

Technical advice
Business & Marketing advice

Before the session, I’d send you a simple questionnaire to better understand where you’re at so I can help you the best I can! These are the broad areas I’d typically cover, but can be altered to fit your specific needs! For those not local, mentoring sessions can be done over Skype, and the head-shots would just be exchanged with more Q&A time!

I’m now offering $50 off mentoring sessions that are booked during the month of February! I want you blog readers to get in first on the deal!

And I’ll end with some friendly feedback!
“I HIGHLY recommend this to ANYONE just starting or even years into their business. Christa takes so much time explaining and really breaking down all sides of a photography business!! She is so amazing!” -Ashlea

I’d be thrilled to death if you’d email me at or fill out a contact form so we can start talking more about strengthening your photography skill and excelling your business!


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Mentoring Sessions | For Photographers | Christa Rene Photography



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