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Kara & Matthew | Greer, SC Wedding | Christa Rene Photography

I’m so thrilled Kara and Matthew’s wedding was my first wedding of 2015! What an amazing way to start off wedding season!

It felt like last week I sat down with Kara and her mom over coffee, getting to know each other more and going over a schedule, then before we knew it wedding day was here! I love all things classy, so I died when Kara said her colors were black and gold! Her flowers and details were beautiful! I also had a huge child-hood flashback when I saw she was wearing sparkly “jellies” for wedding shoes! (You 90’s kids will know when you see them!) 

But the best part was being with Kara and Matthew. A photographer spends more time with the bride the day of her wedding than anyone else. Kara is such a loving, sweet, patient person, so it was a joy spending so much time with her. She was the farthest thing from a bridezilla. Like literally if there was a chart for brides to fall on, bridezilla would be one end and Kara would be the other end. She just glowed her whole wedding day, and the hand-written vows, foot washing, and their genuine love was enough to make anyone tear up!  

Here’s one of my favorite weddings to date. Enjoy this classy, downtown wedding at the Davenport! 

Dress: Dimitra Designs

Venue: The Davenport

Cupcakes: The Chocolate Moose

I’m thrilled to be working with so many amazing couples this year! I am booking 2015 and 2016 weddings dates, so contact me for interest!


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