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Joanah & Andrew | Chestnut Ridge Wedding

We got to be part of a stunning Chesnut Ridge ceremony this past weekend!! Joanah and Andrew were just the sweetest couple to serve!! We love working with Chestnut Ridge from the stunning venue to the amazing coordinating team to the beautiful decor.

Joanah and Andrew met in Japan while on active duty in the navy. They were both officers on the same ship, and after Andrew noticed Joanah he just knew that he had to get to know her. They’ve been together for four years since then, and their wedding was the perfect day to celebrate their marriage! Joanah and Andrew went out of their way during the reception dinner to thank each of their vendors. Their hearts are truly so grateful, and their kindness was evident! We wish them the best in their marriage and are so grateful for their service to our country!

Enjoy all of our many favorites from Joanah and Andrew’s big day at Chesnut Ridge!


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