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Jessica & Kyle | Greenville, SC Engagement Session

Jessica and Kyle have been together since HIGH SCHOOL! So around 7 years!! And getting to capture this time for them was such a gift. They drove all the way from Kentucky! I think they win the award for the farthest travel for an engagement session!

But not only were they amazing for driving so far, but they trusted me with shooting downtown on one of the busiest nights! It was prom night in the upstate, there were multiple weddings going on, and a fashion show! I really wanted this session to be absolutely amazing and so special for them! They didn’t ONCE ever show a sign of worry, and went along with every location, patiently waited when someone was in the back of our shot, and were so happy and positive the entire time! We had such a fun, relaxed evening capturing this sweet time for them!

And guess what? You’d never know from the pictures it was such a crazy evening! We made these two look like the only ones downtown, and that couldn’t have happened without amazing clients who trust the photographer. They rocked every pose and idea, and I’m so excited to share their engagement session!

They were the second engagement I had that weekend, and I can’t think of a more beautiful weekend to have 2 engagement sessions! We had perfect temperatures, gorgeous light, and they’re just such a fun spend time with!!

Jessica and Kyle, thank you SO much for allowing me to capture this time for you!! You all are such a special couple and deserve just the best!!! Jessica, you were flawless!!! Enjoy the photos!

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