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Hendersonville, NC Trip | Christa Rene Photography

One of my goals this year was to connect with more photographers. I had no idea I would have such a privilege of connecting with so many! If you’re in the wedding industry, you’ve probably heard/seen/read “community over competition” many times. And it’s SO true! 

It’s been such an incredible blessing getting to know Meghan and Micaela, owners of True Foundation Photography (and twins!)! We connected over social media, and were thrilled to finally meet in person! These two sisters are SO sweet with such genuine hearts! After a wonderful coffee date spent laughing, exchanging stories, and just getting to know each other, we set up a time where I could go visit them in Henersonville, SC!  We spent the day looking around, taking lots and lots of pictures (duh;)) and eating! I have a new appreciation for Hendersonville (and all the apple orchards)! 

But what’s been amazing is having someone who just “gets” you. Someone who understands what it’s like to be a young photographer business owner, who can laugh with you at the humorous parts, who has the same role models as you in the photography industry and you casually refer to them like they’re friends even though they have no idea we exist ;). Someone who gets your frustrations and discouragements, but also understands the joys and rewards from such an amazing job. It’s been such a huge encouragement, and if you don’t follow them you need to! 

We started taking photos downtown after a delicious lunch!

We then moved to a wall that is their favorite, and I was in love! Such perfect lighting! And these girls ROCK every pose!!!!! Definitely my favorites! 

And then we went to the cutest bridge with lots of beautiful flowers before hitting the docks! Thanks to self timer and a flat railing for the picture including us all! 

Last, we headed to a park with the most perfect mountain view!! And goodness these two! I just can’t get over how awesome they look! 

It was an amazing day, and this probably won’t be the last you see of them on the blog! Have a great weekend! 


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