Happy 25th Birthday, Edward!

Edward, happy 25th birthday! You make every day beyond special for me, and I hope this one is amazing for you! You always forgive, love, and serve without expecting it back from others. You constantly put me first even on my worst days. You put my dreams and plans ahead of your own. On paper, it’s a wonder we got married with how different we are, but goodness I wouldn’t trade being married to you for anything.

This year, we got married, moved into our first house, have been fixing it up, and had a lot of date days that included Home Depot and Lowes! I never knew I’d have so much fun going to home improvement stores, painting, scrubbing tile, or moving our furniture than when we do those things together. No matter what we do, every day is a gift with you!

Even though I make the same meals over and over (because when you get good at something, why stop making it? ;)), burn all the candles constantly, and every now and then can be a lot to handle ;), thanks for always making sure I feel special- I don’t deserve that at all. A select few know the joys of being married to a photographer (like talking about photography and business constantly, and asking for your help with shoots and weddings… if you have a husband who puts up with this as much as Edward you know you snagged a saint;)), but you’ve made sure to support and help me wherever possible.

From eating countless dinners on the couch because we didn’t have a table at our house yet (no really, we used the kitchen table for the first time today!), to lots of evenings snuggled up watching our favorite show eating ice cream and brownies, to random errands we run together even when things are the busiest, every moment with you is so precious.

Thank you for starting my car for me before I get in so it’s warm, holding my hand and praying with me every single night, always yelling “Baby I’m home!!!” with a huge smile and hug every time you come home, and for being such an incredible husband. You are truly the kindest person I’ve ever met, and someone I want to grow to be more alike!! And I can’t wait for many more years of being by your side.

God has truly blessed me so much with having you by my side, and I have a feeling this year will be the best yet!

So love, happy 25th! Today we get to celebrate YOU, Edward Roy!


Photos: Kristy & Vic Photography | Tiffany McClure Photography





Happy 25th Birthday, Edward!



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