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My favorite part about photography is that you can ALWAYS learn! There never comes a point when you’ve “reached it” and are finished learning! With that being said, one thing I’ve decided is to try to always continue learning!

I wanted to share my favorite industry leaders to learn from when it comes to photography!

Katelyn James. I don’t even know where to start with her! I was a TOTAL fan girl when I went to her workshop in September of 2015! Ever since my first year I’ve looked up and admired her ethic, life, and wedding photography! She offers AMAZING resources for photographers including mini guides with a few pages of helpful tips on specific topics, and a posing course! At her workshop she went through the contents of what’s in the posing course, and it’s so incredible. She’s the one who’s really shaped me the most, and one of my role models! Katelyn’s website & Instagram.

Jasmine Star. I love following Jasmine Star not only for her incredible high-end LA, California weddings, but because she’s so set on helping other rising entrepreneurs with practical business help. And not just photographers! She sends out regular emails with helpful, practical tips (this morning was on how to best utilize Instagram hashtags!), and has really set the bar high for how to find and reach your ideal client which is obvious with her 200,000 Instagram followers! Jasmine’s website & Instagram.

Jordan & Amy Demos. I started following them a few years ago, and they were already well known then, but have exploded in the last few years! My most recent educational investment has been in their shooting and editing course and let me tell you, it was SO worth it. Instead of keeping a secret how they make each image so light, natural, accurate, and magical, they openly share how to attain their style through understanding light and reflectors, picking locations, shooting tips, and break everything down so simply! Before my last wedding I was studying my notes from their course because it’s just so good and practical!! Every penny was well spent on that course, and I learned so much (especially with lighting) I wish I had known before! Plus you can’t help but fall in love with these two and their insanely adorable personalities and marriage! Amy’s Instagram, Jordan’s Instagram, website.


I hope this helps as you seek to keep learning and building your business and reach! You can’t go wrong with investing in any of these incredible photographers and entrepreneurs!





My Favorite Educators | Christa Rene Photography



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