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Best of 2018 Wedding Photos | South Carolina Wedding Photographer

What an AMAZING year it has been! And goodness- my heart is bursting at the seams. This year gave me a new perspective on what I do. I began the year newly engaged, and ended it as a newlywed. So through this year I had marriage on my mind and heart more than ever! I thought more than I had before about the beautiful commitment of marriage. How amazing it is that I get to be there preserving the MOMENT these couples become one. How I get to capture the JOY of their day. On their BEST day of marriage, and even on their worst day, they get to look back and feel the laughter and joy they did on that day! I’m blown away that I get to do what I do, and am so thankful God has blessed me to serve these incredible couples!

This year I photographed 20 weddings and my associate photographed 2! Together we were able to serve 22 of the sweetest, most joyful couples. Couples who didn’t just prioritize having a beautiful day (even though each day was so stunning), but prioritized their RELATIONSHIP and what marriage is really about. I count it an honor to get to share in the newlywed season with these Christa Rene Couples!!

From all the way up in Maine to Georgia, we shot weddings in 5 different states! I’d go on and on about what each of these couples mean, but would be writing this for hours! Let’s just say every face you see on here had such a special place in my heart. Every bride was someone I got to spend months planning with and getting to know as a friend. Each couple was one that made an impact on me and taught me more about marriage. And what a privilege it was to serve them in this way!!

Enjoy some of my favorites from 2018 weddings!!


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