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Tennesse Trip | Personal Post | Christa Rene Photography

It’s always a good idea to take a mini vacation before the hectic fall season and college starts up again! Especially with one of your closest friends!

I’ve known this sweet girl since junior high. They say if you’re friends for at least 7 years you’ll be friends for life, so Christi is stuck with me! We made the drive to Knoxville where we visited the Sunsphere, walked downtown, road a trolley, and ate at a delicious restaurant called Woodruffs!

From there we made the drive to Nashville where we shopped (duh ;)), waited an hour and a half to get into the Blue Bird Cafe (we barely got in… they cut the line off 3 people behind us!), and stopped at the Cheesecake factory before going to our hotel room!

The next day was clear and sunny like the last, and we headed to the Parthenon! It was seriously so huge and beautiful! We ended at Pinewood Cafe for a delicious brunch and talking before making the beautiful drive starting through the mountains back to Greenville! 

I was so glad I decided to bring my camera along for some quick snaps throughout the trip! Enjoy our little Knoxville and Nashville road trip!! 


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