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Thompson Family | Greenville, SC Family Photographer | Christa Rene Photography

A few weeks back, I had a free shoot contest on Instagram! Audrey was the lucky winner, and decided she wanted a shoot for her family.

This week had been on and off rain almost every day, so it was hard to tell if the rain would hold off. Audrey’s family said they’d like to go ahead and go for it, so we jumped right into photos, and got some nice ones out in the field before the storm started (there was lightning… and we were in an open field… so we moved quick!). We headed under some trees since I thought that might provide a little cover from the rain coming down, but it didn’t help at all. And there was a lot of rain!

However, just because there’s bad weather DOESN’T mean you’ll have a bad session! This family was WILLING  and HAPPY to stand in the rain and get some shots, and for that I’m eternally grateful to them! I try to make things as fun as possible for families, but it’s really up to them how much fun they allow themselves to have! And we had a TON of fun in our 15-20 minutes together!  None of them complained once! Even though they took turns standing under the umbrella, coming out from under the umbrella for photos, and holding it over me, we ended up with some really beautiful and fun photos. But even more importantly, this family now has beautiful memories documented of laughter and joy in the rain together.

I came home soaking, but all smiles. This is an extremely busy time of year, and this family sparked my passion for photographing families all over again. So here’s something a little different yet SO fun, and proof that weather doesn’t stand in the Thompson family’s way! 


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