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Sooo I’m so very sorry it took so long to post a workshop recap from a workshop last September, and share a little more about a big opportunity for you! This workshop was a TON of fun! I’ll be honest, this post is a little longer than others, but at the end there’s a special offer you don’t want to miss 😉

I got to work with 7 of the sweetest photographers at my home learning manual mode and basic posing. We gathered around and figured out our controls for the different manual settings, then went out to have some practice. We came back in and looked at basic posing tips for kids, families, engagements, and basic composition for all portrait photos before a lunch together! 

So why am I sharing these wonderful girls NOW when the workshop was in September? I’m having another workshop in February!!! So, if you are just starting out, or have a basic foundation of photography, or even your own business, listen up!! We are again starting inside covering manual mode. If you already know manual, a review can’t hurt!! Or if you are still learning and need some more explanation and practice with manual mode, this is for you!! After that we will talk through the best settings and tips to photographing FAMILIES, and actually have a FAMILY SESSION!! And I have the sweetest family modeling for us!!

Why did I pick families? Well there are several answers here. First and most basically, I photograph families the most. To be honest with you all, yes, I’d LOVE to shoot more and more weddings, but I don’t know if I’d ever want to completely stop photographing families even if I got more into the wedding industry. I’ve been photographing families for about 2 years, and though it may not sound like long, you really learn a LOT and I want to share that.

Second, I think families are a great way to start as a growing photographer. Chances are when you are first starting, you won’t be booking weddings right and left. You have to build a portfolio up and build connections, and one way to do that is photographing families. I LOVE when these families become my friends. Just recently I finished up photographing a family for the SEVENTH time (around there… I sort of lost count;))!! Think I love them by now? Oh yes! And because of that I’ve now photographed friends of that family that like their photos. 

It’s also great trying to photograph some of everything (families, newborns, seniors, weddings) to see what you really enjoy! And chances are you’ll have your own little ones one day, so even if you don’t pursue a business knowing basics to family photos is practical. 

If you are interested in weddings, it’s great to get experience and test your consistency in your settings, style, and editing before jumping into weddings. With family sessions being WAY shorter than a wedding, and easier to change the overall look of your photos improving in little steps (fixing 50 photos is easier than 700!!), so photographing families has really helped me prepare for when I started to shoot weddings. 

After this past workshop I sent out a survey to everyone who attended asking a few questions. I got back that they wish they had had more shooting time, and also it would be great to watch what I do during an actual session. We will have a family come that I’ve photographed before, and I will be going through how I photograph them in steps, talk through what I’m doing, and answer questions as we photograph them together. There’s a lot of time for you to not only practicing your manual mode, but learn posing, how I get 3 squirmy kids to look at me at once looking happy, and how to cover all the combinations of candids and posed shots clients are looking for in a family session. And if I STILL haven’t convinced you… lunch is provided 😉

You’ve made it to the end! So as I promised at the beginning… you can take an additional 10% off workshop seats booked before Christmas!! Grab one for yourself, or make it a gift to that friend or family member wanting to take the next step in their photography.

You can view the workshop page here, and contact me for any questions you may have! I am extremely excited and would just be thrilled to have you!!





Workshop | Greenville, SC Photography Workshop



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