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Gordon Family | Greenville, SC Family Photographer

Normally December is pretty slow for most photographers for different reasons, one of which is weather. I mean, why on earth would a family want to meet out in the freezing cold when there’s not even snow to show for it, and everything is dead? WRONG! This December has been BEAUTIFUL here in SC. There’s green trees, the weather is in the 50’s and 60’s, and the sun is coming out. So I’ve gotten to get lots of wonderful families in, like the Gordons! 

We met at an ice cream shop downtown, and the huge windows in it made a perfect spot for shots of their little one! And she was PRECIOUS!!! She had the cutest fully, red tutu on, and gorgeous, crystal brown eyes. And guess what else… I don’t think she even cried once! You might think “what’s the big deal,” but photos are tiring for little ones and we went about an hour and a half without a peep! 

Tracie and Ben are such wonderful parents to their daughter, and capturing their beautiful moments as a family makes me grateful for the opportunity I have to do what I love.


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