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Wyatts | Greer, SC Family Session

Within moments, these kids had made me laugh. The boys were so sweet and such good big brothers, and I was forever grateful for Melissa having the twin’s first initial on their shirts! To be straight up honest, names are so hard for me for some reason… but faces? I can remember faces for years. I AM getting better! But I managed to get names straight here with a few exceptions of mixing up the boys. All that to say, don’t be offended if I can’t remember your name right away if we ever get to work together 😉

So moving on from my name rant, this was such a loving, fun family. The twins were too adorable for words! I think this is my first time photographing identical twins (sorry if I’m missing anyone!!), and there’s definitely a special bond there! I was thrilled with how many family shots were were able to get! It’s harder than it sounds to get 4 wiggly kids to look at smile at the SAME time! But these kids were incredible!

This fall has been too beautiful for words. I’ve been grateful to photograph so many families this fall, and God hasn’t resisted blessing with such gorgeous evenings! Enjoy the sweet Wyatt family!


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