One year ago (plus a few days) Edward and I made our vows before God to always walk through life side by side. Here’s a little recap of what we’ve learned, and a few of our favorites moments over the past year!

And what a year it’s been! We look at each other and are just in wonder at how fast that first year went by! We’ve learned a LOT in year one. We’ve had big growing moments- even if they were painful at the time. But more than that, we’ve had so much joy. Just the little things together were special because we were together.

We started the year with a house still being done- most of our kitchen appliances didn’t work yet, we didn’t have a working washer and dryer, or even a kitchen table in the house yet! But sure enough, things came together until we had a “functional” house! We’re extra thankful for family in town who always had their door open no matter what! Like Edward’s parents who let us crash there for a week when the contractors went over on schedule. Or my parents who rushed over when we had a plumbing emergency at 10pm that had me in tears and our house smelling… not the best 😉 And my dad who’s spent countless hours over helping us with projects!

We’ve had differences, figured out how to communicate better, and have a bigger focus on what really matters in life! While certain things seem like such a big deal in the moment, we know years down the road what will matter is our relationship with Jesus, each other, family, being a good steward of what God has given us, and how we treat other people.

We’ve had a great support system- again, 2 loving families we live close to that are always there for us. We’ll always cherish them and their guidance and help whenever we needed it! And also a foundation on Christ- we’ve had to realize we can’t have a “perfect” marriage, or even close to adequate without Jesus’s help. It’s too hard on our own!

We learned how to encourage each other on hard days, how to lift each other up in times of loss, and how to make each other laugh! We are so far from perfect, but Edward has really showed me so much love, and does whatever he can to make things easy for me. What a gift in a husband. He really makes life easy!!

Some of my favorite memories this year have been our honeymoon in Colorado- I had never seen mountains that large, and it had been a LONG time since I had ever taken a full week to unplug away from social media and work! That was the start to getting used to having each other as a roommate, and also endless conversations about one day having a second home in Colorado (but Dave Ramsey says we should wait ;)).

We had our first Christmas married, and my FIRST time having a real Christmas tree! We started our little Christmas traditions that we want to keep for our family!

In the early summer, Edward rented a car and an airbnb one weekend for a getaway to Bluffton! There happened to be a golf tournament that weekend too, and we enjoyed getting away to this cute beach town together!

Another favorite was going up to the mountains a week this summer! We enjoyed just sitting back with no schedule and relaxing, enjoying God’s creation.

He also planned a wonderful anniversary trip to DC! It was only 2 nights away, but one of our favorite trips together!

A highlight was definitely when we our family grew and we got a Shihpoo- our little Maggie in July!!

But my favorite times aren’t just the times traveling on vacation, but I treasure the daily times spent together. Like rocking on the back porch in the morning before starting our day. Or walking around Costco hand in hand, laughing. Or snuggling up on the couch with a movie stuffing our faces with Little Ceasers pizza and crazy bread. Our one of our favorites- walking around TJ Maxx or Marshall Home Goods together… We’ve found it doesn’t have to be big and grand to be special. The small things matter too when we’re together!

It’s been a beautiful year I’ll always treasure. We’ve been so blessed, and are grateful for the time together God has given us! We are two broken sinners going through life together- it’s only by God’s grace that we’re able to have a healthy marriage. We’re so imperfect, and I’ve learned more about love and patience (and I know Edward has too!) than ever. But how amazing to see how God has grown us both this year- personally and together as a stronger couple! Truth is, I love life with Edward by my side!

Edward, thanks for walking through year one with me. I can’t wait for the years ahead!!

If you’re feeling sentimental, you can see our engagement session HERE, and our wedding day HERE! Thank you Kristy & Vic for capturing these times for us!!


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