It’s also why I understand the way you’re feeling about your business:

Burnt out, frustrated, and wondering when it will be your turn to have that dreamy business that other photographers seem to have. So far, it’s a liiiitle more ‘nightmare’ than ‘sweet dreams’, isn’t it?

I’m a portrait photographer from South Carolina, and I’ve been in the industry for 9 years. Trust me when I say I totally understand how hard you’re working right now.

Hey y'all! I'm Christa

I used to be there!

Then, after YEARS of trial and error, I developed a proven sales system that allows me to average 4-figures on every portrait session I do…

Which allows me to show up fully for every single one of my clients and support them on every step of their journey with me!

Not only did I start making 4-figures on every session I booked, I also really started to LOVE my business. It was finally the business that I had dreamt of… and let me tell you, it’s honestly even better than what I dreamt. I now make over $250,000 shooting portraits every year, and there’s not a bit of burnout in sight.

I ALSO teach other photographers how to uncap their portrait sales so that they can make 4-figures with every booking, stop being burnt out, and finally start LOVING their business the way they want to.

If that sounds like the kind of business you’re after, then I’m so glad you’ve made your way here!

I realized a $300-500 portrait session
 WASN’T the way to build a profitable business,

my why

 but was also feeling burnt out from weddings. So now I teach photographers how to have a 6-figure business JUST from portraits!

I remember when the dreaded tax time hit, and for sure felt the hit (and so did my bank account). Up until then, I had heard building up weddings was how to become a successful photographer! And I had poured into that area of my business. I KNEW I could be a successful business owner, but felt something was missing.

A mentor came alongside me, and showed me what life and business could look like if I changed my offerings, and added portrait sessions back in a more profitable way that served clients better. That was all I needed, and I took the leap to adding in prints and products! It changed our business, as well as our lives. I had never enjoyed what I was doing in my business more, had a new passion, and served clients better than ever. 

Along with that came the scaled income I was dreaming of! I saw how long I had capped myself and my clients, and now get to share with other photographers feeling stuck how to finally uncap their income!

Edward and I were in our first year of marriage.

It’s time to move the needle forward and make this the best year ever!

Whether that’s booking your first client, or feeling ready to up your average to 4-figures/session by adding in prints and heirlooms!

Say goodbye to feeling capped with income, the pressure of taking on 20+ sessions/month to hit your income, or to book more weddings when you REALLY wish you could have your Saturdays back!

Say hello to freedom, taking on less sessions while making more, and knowing you’re serving your clients better than ever before. I am so passionate about sharing how this is possible after a decade of building a photography business. You don’t need to stay the same. 

I help photographers move the needle in their business.

that's where I come in


- Jessica

“I had my most profitable month while only having a handful of amazing sessions! I’m thrilled!”

the reviews

If you’re charging $300 - $600 for shoot-and-burn (client books, you shoot the session, send off the gallery, and call it a day) you’re missing out on a TON of income.

Hey, Photographer!

Services & Courses

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Greenville, SC


Always looking forward to fall. Fan of long walks with my baby girl and pup. Always up for grabbing ice cream with friends. Constantly dreaming about the future with my husband. Usually in bright floral colors. Always planning our next trip away. Passionate about helping photographers reach the next level. 

Coach, Mom & Photographer

Christa Rene Robinson



 in prints this year!

How to make $50k

get started!

(no studio needed!)


Say goodbye to your “hobby” and hello to building the foundation of your business.


 $0-$1k months with your photo hobby!

Learn how to  go from

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