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I was planning to study education in college, until I changed my major to business just weeks before classes began! But teaching has always had my heart! I hear all too often how difficult it is to build a successful business that doesn’t rule your life.

I am by no means flawless when it comes to balance, but have managed to build a business that I LOVE. I get to serve incredible people that I genuinely adore. I get to create and be inspired. And I have the privilege of creating heirlooms to carry on our clients’ legacies. 

But it took time, effort, and education to get here!

It started when I was in college, juggling a full time class load, another job, and building up this little business. If an 18-year-old with a kit camera from Best Buy and very limited time can build the base to a 6-figure business, so can you!

From learning the first steps to using your camera, to more in depth one-on-one coaching, I’d love to share how you also can build the business of your dreams!

take your business to the next level

Are you ready to finally understand your camera and take amazing photos IN-camera?

Ready to finally understand your camera and take the photos of your dreams? We have a simple manual mode course that can help! 

Manual Mode Course


Ready to take your business to the NEXT level?

Ready to take your business to the NEXT level? We understand the frustration of feeling stuck, and knowing you could do more. I laid the foundation to this 6-figure business in college, and learned what worked and what didn’t work for me! I’d love to sit down with you and figure out your trouble shooting areas to move your business forward.

Business Coaching


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