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Put the calculator and paper down, and find out what you're REALLY making with this business finance tracker! This guides you through your fixed & variable expenses, your income items and what you're bringing in after expenses, and your net profit. The best part? It's made SIMPLE and I even include a step-by-step video explaining everything!

An Excel sheet with formulas already in place

An area to track variable & fixed expenses

A grid to show how much you're actually making in each area of income after expenses

A clear layout of what you're making before & after taxes

A user-friendly Excel document that's color coded

A 13 minute instructional video so you get the most value and use out of this sheet

The video with this sheet includes:

A walk through of useful formulas (no need for a calculator!)

The meaning behind different expenses

A step-by-step process for this entire sheet

How to customize it

The tools to know how much your business is actually making, and what areas are generating the most income


Business Finance Tracker