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Sessions for spring kick off this weekend, so before I’m blogging lots of beautiful couples and families, here’s a personal post for you!

I’ve never done a “fun facts” posts before, so this is a first! These aren’t anything deep, just some light-hearted fun things I’m sharing. 10 things you might or might not know about me… I feel vain just talking about me, but I’ve definitely included some of the embarrassing stuff! Here we go!

1. I have way too much navy and white stripes in my closet. I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I was picking them all out of closet (this isn’t even all of the shirts). I just love how the colors look together and think they’re classy I guess… Or maybe because I can wear colored pants and skirts with them and those colors are very versatile…. Seriously if I go shopping with you don’t let me buy more navy and white! 

2. My sister is my best friend. I know that can sound weird, but she is. We did NOT get along in high school, but when college hit we got super close. We shop together, get Chipotle and Sonic together, and if she needs a squat challenge buddy I’ll even do that with her (even if we only do it for like 3 days). 

3. I love J. Crew’s statement necklaces. A great necklace can really make an outfit, or dress something casual up in my book! Plus J. Crew’s necklaces are so beautiful and great quality and last a long time without falling apart! 

4. I’m addicted to Swedish Fish. Absolutely addicted. It’s impossible to just have one, and before I know it, I’ve eaten the entire bag. Image from because I threw away the bag I had today.

5.  I’m sentimental about little things. You know when you’re throwing out an old notebook from high school and your mind flashes back to those fun classes? Or find those notes from friends written years ago? Or that dress you wore on your first date? Ok so I might have an entire box of stuff… My dad had the great idea of giving us each a “special box” (it’s actually just plastic Tupperware but that doesn’t matter when you’re 6) for us to put in things like pictures we drew at school or papers we wrote, etc. It goes WAY back and is overflowing. And I CAN’T get rid of anything even though I have no idea what I’ll end up doing with it and the things like that creepy bunny…

6. I didn’t get glasses until I was 20. The rest of my family has horrid eye site (my sister can only see the big “E” without glasses), and for the longest time I was the ONLY one who didn’t need them and of course I wanted them so bad because they looked so cool! Well…. it happened when I was 20. I don’t have to wear them all the time which is a blessing. But turns out I developed a stigmatism and they help with headaches. So if you’re young, wanting glasses really bad, and have perfect vision, there’s still hope for you… 😉 You may change your mind later though… 

7. I love skinny jeans. No, I’m not a hipster or anywhere near that, but I didn’t realize how much I liked them until I bought a pair of jeans that had a little flair last year, and had to return them they felt so weird. There’s just something about a dark wash skinny jean that I love. I may secretly have one favorite pair I got from AE over a year ago I wear ALL the time… 

8. I played the piano for 10 years. Bless my piano teacher’s heart! I’m not anywhere near great since I didn’t practice like I should have (sorry Mr. Steve!), but I can get through a hymn! I also get terrible stage fright with anything musical. 

9. I love a good sale! Who doesn’t? Just something free for you other students… ask at outlet stores if they give a student discount! You’d be surprised! I love J. Crew, but who can actually pay full price for their stuff (like really people…)?! Heard of J. Crew Factory? It’s a branch of J. Crew but cheaper (especially the clearance section) and cuter (in my opinion). And when they have the clearance section 30% off and free shipping? It’s an online shopping kind of night! 

10. Lastly, I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I was that annoying child sitting in the hallway trying to sell my family things like shampoo, my sisters’ stuff, trash pick-up subscriptions (for their room and bathroom), cassette tapes I’d record the radio on, and the list goes on. I’ve had a museum, “Judy’s Hair and Nails”, and “Sewing Safari” (you hire me to make your clothes… oh dear) all in my room…. yea.  The last thing before photography was a jewelry business I had in junior high. I still remember the day I made $82 selling earrings in my mom’s break room for $3 each, or 4 for $10. It may have been because I looked like I was 8 years old and people felt bad for that little girl sitting there all morning, but I was thrilled! I’d never had a job before so that was the most I’d EVER made! I’m so thankful to have a REAL business now, not just a play one even if it was fun! I was also slightly nerdy and enjoyed making little business cards for myself… 

Well that’s it… I promise there’s deeper stuff to me than skinny jeans and glasses, but that’s for another time 😉 I’m thrilled about spring sessions starting off this weekend, including a rustic senior session and a sunrise engagement at a mill you won’t want to pass up! Have a great rest of the week!


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