Bradstreet Family | Downtown Greenville, SC Family Session | Greenville, SC Family Photographer



The first time I photographed this family, Jill was still pregnant with their youngest! I love watching families grow in number and their kids grow in size. What you can’t tell, is that downtown was CRAZY when we did this! Finding places downtown WITHOUT people in the background is a lot more difficult than it looks! And also, it was pretty hot that morning. But even with crowds and heat, the two little girls did amazing, and thanks to a toy and a water bottle, we got them to smile! 

Another reason I love this session besides the amazing family, is that we captured a lot of nature in the background, and I’m beginning to see the first signs of the end of summer. Leaves beginning to fall, the trees beginning to show tints of yellow– call me overly anxious, but fall is too beautiful not to long for!

Jill did a FABULOUS job picking out colors, and her pink and mustard combo was perfect. I’m hoping Target makes that mustard skirt in an adult size! But honestly, this family is a favorite, and I am always SO honored to photograph families over and over capturing their seasons of life while praising the Giver of life. 



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