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I am ALL about helping small businesses! Maybe because I have one and love seeing others around my age find something they are passionate about and want to be successful in. I first met Nomin in Spanish class junior year of high school. Not to mention she already knew 3 languages and had come over from another country. This girl is a HARD worker!

So maybe that makes me love that she’s starting a business even more! She contacted me about having a session to advertise for her business, Tutu Treasure. She had the cutest little girls for models and made them custom Anna and Elsa tutu’s because that’s what she does- makes custom tutu’s for kids!

While I definitely wouldn’t want to turn my business into a place for advertising, I just love Nomin and know she’s an amazing worker, and even more importantly, an inspiring person- that’s enough for an exception right?? 🙂 So be sure to check out her Facebook page where you can see all the fabulous tutus she makes for kids and contact her. 

Now whether this is for a business or not, these little girls are so stinkin adorable!

Click here to view Tutu Treasure’s Facebook page.


  1. Taneeka Young

    September 7th, 2015 at 7:10 pm

    Her facebook page is unavailable. Do you have any other contact info for her? Thanks!

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