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Sarah was all for it when I asked if her and Cody would be willing to model for a styled shoot!! Just to clarify, Sarah and Cody are already married, but were willing models for a bride and groom! This is one of my favorite married couples, and they are just too perfect in front of the camera. They pulled out their wedding attire, and we headed out! If you don’t remember their engagement mini session, you can view it here

A couple days before the shoot, someone sent me some pictures of a beautiful piece of farm land, and I knew this was perfect for the styled shoot! I went out the night before and photographed the Erkens family who owns it, and then came back out the next evening with Sarah and Cody! 

The best portraits are the ones with natural emotion, so the love you can see in Cody’s eyes looking at his beautiful bride (now for a for a few months) is so sweet. What a perfect couple to photograph during a beautiful, southern sunset. Sarah was so stunning, and as Cody put it, “Most guys only get to see their bride in her wedding dress once!” 

Hair & Makeup: Chealsea Alexander (

Bouquet: Clay Lovely (



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