Abbie | Five Year Session | Downtown Greenville, SC Portrait Photographer



This is sweet, little Abbie. It was so much fun doing her 5 year photos, and this little girl has a ton of personality! She was a little quiet at first, but as the session went on she just kept talking more and more! 

Photos are hard for a lot of people- especially kids, but Abbie did exceptionally well with posing. Plus, she has the sweetest little smile! She was as polite as ever, and if I asked her to sit or do something in a way she didn’t want to, she’d politely tell me that she would rather not! What a hoot!! But she did do most of what I asked which is WAY more than one can expect from a 5-year-old when you’re downtown and there’s ducks in front of you that you are DYING to pet! Her energy and sweet spirit were so contagious and such a great reminder to me of why I love what I do.

Happy birthday sweet Abbie!


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