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One thing that I’m loving about being a photographer, is all the people you get to meet! It’s so so wonderful getting to know different families, couples, and seniors, and then working with them over and over again where they turn into friends and not just acquaintances. Cristina is helping me photograph an upcoming wedding, and I really wish we had connected sooner than the past couple of months! You know those people you get to know better and think “Wow, we probably would have been really great friends in high school if we had gotten to know each other!”? Well… that’s Cristina! So we’ve gotten to meet multiple times (mostly over food of course ;)) to talk about the wedding, but with two talkative girls who share the same interest, meetings never stay solely about upcoming work! So today we met at the venue (the Westin in downtown Greenville ahhh!!!), had lunch, and went across the street for some photos! 

Cristina’s dad decorates for big events like weddings, so another thing that I enjoy about having a second shooter by my side for some weddings is that there are two different sets of “eyes” looking at the set-up. She has a great eye for design, and would constantly comment about different features of the Westin; (like the carpet… no really… and the ceiling of the restaurant…) things that would have taken me 10+ years to mention!!! 

It’s funny being the one photographing a newer photography. Yes, I realize I am also newer, but I still remember when the photographer who did my senior pictures helped me get going and took some head shots of me and my little Nikon a little over a year ago. It’s so exciting to see someone starting younger than I did, who has a lot of potential and a love for photography. One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t start earlier. Yes, it would have been difficult, but high school would have been such a great time to learn the camera and get used to it! Enjoy getting a snip of Cristina and her fun-loving, talented personality! Oh, and go check her out on Facebook page here!


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