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Last Saturday I had the joy of holding mini sessions!! For those who may not be familiar with mini sessions, I announce a select date about every season where I schedule 30 minute sessions and give out 25-30 edited photos. I ADORED the group of families I got for last Saturday’s sessions, so let me just brag on all of them a bit before I move on. I got hit hard with a cold bug last week, and even though I sounded like a croaking man and was all stuffed up, they ALL were so sweet and many of them also had recent sicknesses in the family and were very sympathetic! The Gfellers were no exception, and I’m nominating them for most photogenic family of the year (Ok I’m kidding- but if anyone knows of that contest let me know!). This was our FIFTH session together, and as usual we had a ton of fun. Even if the girls had to be bribed with jelly beans to smile, I’m all for whatever it takes to make the kidos looking happy in photos!!! I’m sure you will see more of this family in the years to come!


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