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The Fitch’s were another amazing family who did a mini session last weekend. I’ve known them for a long time, but this was the first time we got to do photos together! They may look calm in these photos, but these kids have a lot of personality (the last photo really shows it!)! I also loved their pop of pink, and is it weird that I’m hoping to have girls one day so I can dress them up in cute dresses?? They couldn’t have looked better! To be completely honest, it can be hard for kids (or anyone) to feel comfortable having to look at me, smile, have their arms in the right place, and stand in the right place all at the same time! That’s a lot for anyone to do, but especially when you’re young and in a new place! I’ve had the three kids in Children’s Church, so it’s even weirder that the person who normally tells you stories or leads songs is standing in front of you with a camera and you’re not even at church! But as you can see… they did such a great job! They were the first in the group of minis, and it’s nice to have a sweet family I already know to kick things off! Again, don’t miss the last one… it’s definitely my favorite!! 


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